emergency (with clothes this time)

I'm writing on airwaves, I'm writing on the air I'm writing on your memory, I'm writing on the microphone The swords of truth, the back of the car Due my attack but you know I always sing Strike me down, strike me down Strike me down, strike me down Cos I am an island, a mountain, a river And as I see that, you know I am thinking This music's symbolic, this music is weightless



I always felt so far from you Like something wasn't right But tonight I rest my head inside the crook of your arm And I feel like a golden star


le page

It’s a strange day No colours or shapes No sound in my head I forget who I am When I’m with you There’s no reason There’s no sense I’m not supposed to feel I forget who I am I forget Fascist baby Utopia, utopia My dog needs new ears Make his eyes see forever Make him live like me Again and again I’m wired to the world That’s how I know everything I’m super brain That’s how they made me


eccecolator & exhecolator

This is what I am, I am a man so come and dance with me Michael So strong now, its strong now so come and dance with me Michael I'm all that you see, you wanna see so come and dance with me Michael So close now, its close now, so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me, SO COME AND DANCE WITH ME


naked city (lifo)

I see a mansard roof through the trees I see a salty message written in the eaves The ground beneath my feet The hot garbage and concrete And now the tops of buildings, I can see them too The Argentines collapse in defeat The admiralty surveys the remnants of the fleet The ground beneath their feet Is a nautically-mapped sheet As thin as paper While it slips away from view serenata & tangled naked for LIFO by photoharrie



we have all been wasting our time for sunlight there's only so much we'll take far from the only light brown ocean


velvet mag

velvet is a playground so that creative people can play. the office is full of shiny things art, music, fashion, athens, art, music ect ect 1235 :photoharrie 4:aggelos



There's a girl that wants to start Been thinking about having a couple of kids Comb a brush around their heads in the morning To be needed, simply and be needing Her name is Carrie Been on the road for so long She wants to live in a place that has a number in a name Find lovers and ???? before the courage is all gone


apostolis at magenta

Fill me in no your new vision. Wake me up with indecision. Help me trust your mighty wisdom. Yes I eat a cow. I am not proud. lyrics by kurt