Ινώ Μέη & Jon Simvonis
these new puritans



Athens Evilution is a short audiovisual video art project accompanied with original music that falls in the category of expanded cinema - a cross between new media surrealism and fashion film. Its purpose is to serve as a parable of transformation of Athens and its people, the landscape, the behavior and appearance of its inhabitants, influenced by the building craze of the last 30 years and urban destruction caused by constant flooding, through a non - narrative engagement with the occult and religious interpretation of "evil." An abstract visual representation within a framework of semiotic and iconic images.

The project consists of 5 thematic chapters that concern the depiction of the goddess Persephone as the Kore, the basic ancient greek female sculpture of the Archaic period, and its relationship with the death and rebirth of nature. Furthermore, the project follows the path of the river Kifissos from the Saronic Gulf sea to the interior of Athens expressed as a morphological contrast between the natural and the post-industrial landscape.

This a joint project for Photoharrie (Harrie Kourkoulis) and Dimitris Tsatsoulis, senior graduates of the Athens Photography and Audiovisual Arts School, who serve as the main developers and creators of this audiovisual piece.

Photoharrie, born in Sparta in 1984, is a working photographer and fashion editor for independent and mainstream magazines such as Velvet, FREE Magazine and Lifo, Athens’ largest free press newspaper. He has participated in a variety of art festivals and exhibitions by performing and curating.

Dimitris Tsatsoulis, born in Athens in 1984, is a working videographer and editor for digital press, fashion campaigns and independent short films. His video projects have been screened in greek and international festivals and art galleries. He has experience in greek commercial television and corporate audiovisual presentations.


kostas stavrianopoulos naked by photoharrie for lifo mag.
''naked city '' is the last page column of the free press, the concept is simple; pose nude. every year there is a big exhibition where you can buy the photos of the last page, so that money can raised for a good cause.



music for your future memories

RI 09 & SAT 10 photoharrie will playing music at cafe bar "" Sthn Akrh "" @ Elafonisos island



MICHELE VALLEY / H.O.P.E. "Building The House Of Phoenix" A phoenix is a mythical bird. It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again. performance by Michele Valley / H.O.P.E. costumes: Petros Touloudis / En Vit Ekorre music: H.O.P.E. / Kareem Lotfy + performances by: -Petros Touloudis : “Shuffle Earth” -Photoharrie: “3377” -ομάδα onef : "στην ευθεία"- πόλη vs. Φύση” KNOT Gallery Mιχαλακοπούλου 206 & Πύρρου (εις. από Πύρρου) πλησιέστερος σταθμός Μετρό: Αμπελόκηποι Λεωφορεία: Α5, Β5 (στάση ΖΑΓΟΡΑ) http://knotarts.blogspot.com/


hangover diaries

photos & curation : photoharrie # styling : Noémi Koxarakis # models : Traina, Sotiris, Alex, kostas # special thanks : Mathieu Bernard #



Forget your regrets Cavernous imagery grips your mind Don't let your fear dictate your life



When this just feels like spinning plates. I'm living in cloud cuckoo land. And this just feels like spinning plates Our bodies floating down the muddy river


vintage queen

Hollywood infected your brain You wanna kiss it in the rain Oh oh, I’ve been living in a movie scene Puking American dreams