my 2008 albums top 20 (as i voted for the greek bloggers top20)

PHOTOHARRIE's No 1 Ratatat - LP3 PHOTOHARRIE's No 2 Late of the Pier - fantasy black channel PHOTOHARRIE's No 3 Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles PHOTOHARRIE's No 4 Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend PHOTOHARRIE's No5 The kills - midnight boom PHOTOHARRIE's No6 Selfish Cunt -English Chamber Music PHOTOHARRIE's No7 Foals - Antidotes PHOTOHARRIE's No 8 Zombie Zombie - A Land For Renegades PHOTOHARRIE's No 9 The teenagers - Reality check PHOTOHARRIE's No 10Portishead - Third PHOTOHARRIE's No 11 Lykke li - Youth Novels PHOTOHARRIE's No12 Santogold - Santogold PHOTOHARRIE's No 13 These new puritans - Beat pyramid PHOTOHARRIE's No 14 Mahjong - Kontpad PHOTOHARRIE's No15 I'm from Barcelona - Who Killed Harry Houdini PHOTOHARRIE's No16 TheBoy - Beat PHOTOHARRIE's No.17 MGMT - Oracular Spectacular PHOTOHARRIE's No.18 Grace Jones - Hurricane
PHOTOHARRIE's No.19 hercules and love affair - Hercules and love affair PHOTOHARRIE's No.20 Monika avatar

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