ReMap2-Event ( Wed 17 and Thurs.18 June, 2009)

YLVA OGLAND shows Snöfrid under the shadow of Athena

the Oracle said: the body is the shelter

In collaboration with the Keeper/Rodrigo Mallea Lira & Snöfrid’s Armor bearer Johan Hjerpe,

featuring artist ANGELO PLESSAS

Djs: Fotis B., Photoharrie, Cartoon Dandy, and other friends

curator Marina Fokidis, assistant curator Sofia Mavroudis

Drink Snöfrid’s own acropolitic mirror Vodka and reveal a secret in an open Celebration until last person leaves…

Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 June 2009, at 21:00 onwards…

Iassonos 8, Metaxourgio Athens.

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